Panzer Paparazzi Program Now Open!

Posted by Jasen "Gator Admiral" Hicks on 7/20/2017

The Panzer Paparazzi Program is, by design, a way for Jasen’s Customs to give back to the loyal fans of the Panzer Fight Stick. By taking a couple of high quality, creative photos of your newly assembled Panzer Fight Stick 3 you can earn a cash back reward on your purchase. Jasen’s Customs will pay, via a partial refund of your purchase, up to $10 for your photo submissions. This program will start immediately and has no end date. Photos will be analyzed for quality and creativity and appropriate reward amounts, via PayPal refund, will be made within 10 business days of submission. Submissions must be done within 30 days of order arrival to qualify. Things to consider when taking your photos for submission:

  • Not all photos must be on a plain, single color background.
  • Photos should be submitted in the highest resolution possible.
  • Photos should be well lit.
  • Photos should be taken with an actual camera. While cell phone pictures will not be dismissed, they will be less likely to qualify for the maximum refund.
  • Photos should be creatively taken.
  • Not all photos will qualify for a reward. The final determination for reward amount is made by Jasen’s Customs. If no reward is granted, the decision is not taken lightly.

The general rule of thumb I will use to determine the refund amount: the more care taken when photographing the Panzer Fight Stick, the higher the value of the photograph(s).

When you submit the photographs, you retain the rights to the photos and all that it entails. By accepting the refund amount, you agree to let Jasen’s Customs use the photos in all Panzer Fight Stick and Jasen’s Customs promotional materials, websites, and social media platforms.

Photo submissions may be sent to this Dropbox Folder. Please name all your photos with your order number followed by a photo index such as AB-1900-1.JPG, AB-1900-2.JPG. This will ensure anonymity and make it easier for us to find and process rewards. Photos will be moved, automatically to a secure location after upload and a follow-on email will be sent acknowledging receipt.

Panzer owners are eligible for one refund and no more. Panzer owners who have previously submitted photos are not eligible for this program. If you have a Panzer Fight Stick and purchased it over 30 days ago, have not submitted pictures to Jasen’s Customs, and wish to submit pictures we will consider those submissions on a case by case basis.