Panzer Fight Stick 3i - Assembly Service
Example PFS3i Built Out - Artwork not included

Panzer Fight Stick 3i - Assembly Service

Your Price: $110.00
SoCal Warehouse: Assembled by the MADD Modders. May add additional time for completion.

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Lever Options
Lever Topper
30mm Button Color
24mm Button Color
I have added, or will add a Panzer Fight Stick 3i Case to my cart.
I understand that any order for an Assembly Service purchased without a Panzer Fight Stick 3i Case will be cancelled and refunded.
I understand that my Panzer Fight Stick 3i DIY Kit requires the selection of the Universal Fighting Board or PS4+ with Audio Board.
I understand that this build out service CAN NOT be used for the Panzer Aluminum Case Series.

Adds 7 business days to PFS3i shipment to allow for building and testing.

Please add a Panzer Fight Stick 3i with the PCB of your choice (Universal Fighting Board or PS4+ with Audio Board) when adding this to your cart.

Panzer Fight Stick 3i Build Out Service

This add-on service ensures you get a fully built Panzer Fight Stick 3i when your new kit arrives. Pick your Panzer Fight Stick 3i, set the details for the case, then add this and set the details for the button and lever of your choice! Once done, sit back and relax... we will handle the rest. Your new fight stick will be built with the exact parts you choose, the Fighting Board will be updated to the most recent version, and tested out.

Important Details: You MUST have a PFS3i Kit with a Brook PS4+ with Audio Board or a Universal Fighting Board as part of your order; this add-on only covers the cost of the lever, buttons, and assembly and NOTHING else. If you want a Panzer Fight Stick 3 built out, please choose the PFS3 Hitbox assembly option. The additional lead time ensures we have adequate time to source parts, assemble the kit, and test it prior to solution. While we usually beat the 7 business day addition of time, we can not guarantee it as the build list size varies and you are placed on it in the order in which you placed your order.


Unfortunately, we are unable to install artwork provided at this time.

You can find your Panzer Fight Stick 3i Kit options here: Panzer Fight Stick Cases

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