Sega Naomi to ATX Power Adapter

Sega Naomi to ATX Power Adapter

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This is a custom product made in house specifically for the Sega Naomi Arcade Hardware.

Finding a proper Arcade Power supply that can handle the power needs of a NAOMI + DIMM is difficult. The common Arcade Power Supplies lack the +3.3V and orginal power supplies can cost over $200!\

You don't need the original power supply to make your Naomi work. Use a PC Power Supply! This simple adapter cable allows a direct connection between your ATX Power Supply and the Naomi. No expensive crimpers, special tools, wires, or time

  • Female ATX Power Connector that plugs into standard PC Power Supplies
  • 6-Pin VLP-06 Connector
  • 8-Pin VLP-08 Connector
  • 2x .187" Quick Disconnects to add your favorite Switch
Updated to include black sleeving material!

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