Madcatz TE-S+ Replacement Panel Kit - Hitbox Madcatz TE-S+ Hitbox Panel

Madcatz TE-S+ Replacement Panel Kit - Hitbox

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Madcatz TE-S+ Replacement Panel and Plexi

The Madcatz TE-S+ (the Shadaloo one) is Madcatz's attempt to regain the awesome form factor of the TE and update it to the current generation. 

Jasen's Customs has stepped up to the plate to provide more customization for the community with high quality replacement panels! The Hitbox Layout is favored by many because its all button layout lends itself to very precise quick move execution.

This panel kit includes the following:
  • 16 gage Cold Rolled Steel Panel - Powder Coated with Smooth Semi-Gloss Jet Black Color.
  • RageousX modified HitBox Layout
  • Ultra thin 1/32th inch plexi. Traditional sizing for button cutouts will be used. This way your plexi is about the same thickness as the stock artwork.
  • NEW! JLF-HITBOX adapter cable. Don't cut your JLF wire to install the panel!
  • The layout is centered with the UP button in the exact center of the panel (horizontally) for a more comfortable layout.
  • This panel drops directly into place without modifications. It will reuse all hardware from the existing panel to hold it in place.
  • I highly recommend you upgrade to a Brook Universal Fighting Board with EZ MOD Kit for the best overall upgrade for the TE-S+
  • If you do not want to go the EZ MOD route, be sure to pick up one of the SOCD cleaners available!
  • Unlike the TE and TE ROUND 2, there will be some modifications required to the actual case (internal) to make this fit. 
  • Recommendations: 
    1. Move the stock PCB from it's stock location as it will interfere with the "UP" button.
    2. Notch out the plastic directly under the "UP" button (after the PCB is moved) to provide more room for the button and it's wiring
  • If you are not willing or able to do the above steps, please find a local modder to do this update for you. There are no refunds if you decide this mod is not for you after the panel ships.

Please note, I am unable to provide artwork for the TE-S+. I will provide Tek Innovations the templates required for them to print and cut artwork that is compatible with my TE panels. I WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY OTHER SHOPS THESE TEMPLATES NOR WILL I RELEASE MY TEMPLATES OUTSIDE OF THE PSD FILES TO THE COMMUNITY.


Art Template

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Florida Warehouse: Ships within 5 Business Days
Florida Warehouse: Ships within 5 Business Days