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Posted by Jasen "Gator Admiral" Hicks on 2/25/2017 to News

Hey everyone! I just wanted to provide an update and reiterate the status of JasensCustoms.com shipping policy going forward while I am deployed. Preparations have commenced and many items have been placed in a "NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT" status.

First and foremost, Panzer Fight Sticks will be available throughout the deployment. Spencer, out of Alabama, will be the hub for shipping so you can pick one up at any time. Only one will not be available, the VT, because they are just too large (physically) to ask him to manage in my absence.

Defective MC Cthulhus, corrected MC Cthulhus. Defective ones will not be available until I return. They aren’t overly cumbersome to pack but the quantity makes them a bit of a nuisance to manage while trying to do schoolworks, attend class, and actually enjoy college. As such, I have not asked Spencer to take on this task. As for “corrected” MC Cthulhu, I don’t foresee this in the future; I intend on focusing on Panzers with Brook Universal Fighting Boards.

SuperGuns and other custom requests. Same situation as everything else in the shop; they won’t be available until the fall. A lot of the custom stuff I produce relies on skills I have developed over the years that go hand in hand with rather expensive gear unsuitable for frequent transport and training. It can be challenging to learn how to use some of the tools and, unfortunately, I don’t have time to train Spencer nor the resources to provide a second set of some of them.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and FaceBook for updates, random hellos from the seven seas, and more information as things become available.

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