Sol Outpost - The Florida Shipping Hub

Posted by Jasen Hicks on 3/23/2018 to News
Sol Outpost, where the sunshines bright and it rains every single day for about 5 minutes, is up an running. Devon, aka RageousX, and Carm, aka R3versal, are taking on the day to day shipping for Arcade Panels, Fight Stick Panels, and other smaller items that I have offered in the shop over the past few years. They are huge assets to the shop and the FGC as a whole. I know they have provided me great advice and chats over the years about the community and thoughts in general. I warmly welcome them to the Jasen's Customs team and am glad they are enjoying the awesome weather out in my home state, Florida. 
What does this mean? Generally, it's not a huge deal. Panels will ship from Florida to wherever in the world you happen to be. Of course, if you are in California the time shipping across country will be a bit longer and cost a bit more than before due to proximity, but in general there is no significant changes. Both Devon and Carmen are just as detail oriented as I am, so I trust they will uphold the Jasen's Customs brand very well and the community will remain happy with the services offered on the site.

If you happen to order items from the shop that are in both California and Florida, unfortunately, this will affect you most. Panzer Fight Sticks, Pro Cables, screws, etc. are all in California where as the Arcade Panels and Fight Stick Panels, some EZ MODs, and such are in Florida. Due to the differing warehouse locations if your order contains things in both locations, the shipping will be higher as there are two boxes that will need to be shipped. So, if you order a pro cable and a TE2 panel... the shipping will reflect the cost to send both boxes to you.

If you have questions, please let me know using the help desk:

Jasen "Gator Admiral" Hicks