Madcatz TE2 Replacement Panel Kit - 30mm HitBox

Madcatz TE2 Replacement Panel Kit - 30mm HitBox

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Madcatz TE2/TE2+ 30mm HITBOX Replacement Panel and Plexi

The Madcatz TE2 is arguably one of the most popular arcade fight sticks The one issue? The standard Vewlix 8 Button layout isn't great for HitBox players; some HitBox users even want to use 30mm buttons for the play field; however, its not regularly offered by Fight Stick makers nor Panel Makers.

Jasen's Customs has stepped up to the plate to provide more customization for the TE2 community with high quality replacement panels! The 30mm HitBox Layout is based on the RageousX and Vewlix layout mashed into a unique layout suited for larger hands.

This panel kit includes the following:
  • 16 gage Cold Rolled Steel Panel - Powder Coated with Smooth Semi-Gloss Jet Black Color.
  • RageousX modified 30mm HitBox Layout
  • 1/16th inch plexi. Traditional sizing for button cutouts will be used. The way the TE2 mounts the plexi over the buttons created a situation that causes snap in buttons arms to break, as such I will not be replicating this method.
  • NEW! JLF-HITBOX adapter cable. Don't cut your JLF wire to install the panel!

INSTALLATION NOTES: The bezel from the TE2 will sit slightly higher than stock since the cost to etch half the thickness of the plexi cover takes an incredible amount of time and would add SIGNIFICANT cost to the kit.

Please note, I am unable to provide artwork for the TE2. The panel installation requires a drop in paper piece of art to fill the entire area, my setup is unable to cleanly print and cut paper. I will provide Tek Innovations the templates required for them to print and cut artwork that is compatible with my TE2 panels. I WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY OTHER SHOPS THESE TEMPLATES NOR WILL I RELEASE MY TEMPLATES OUTSIDE OF THE PSD FILES TO THE COMMUNITY.


Art Template

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