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Want a custom fight stick designed because one of the Panzer Fight Sticks aren't quite exactly what you want? Well, we do that! This $100 fee is to start the process of designing your new completely custom fight stick and will be put toward the final cost of the production. Answer a few questions and submit your order and I will design the stick to your exact specifications while putting my years of experience to work ensuring it will function as you want it to.

I can't estimate a final cost of a custom enclosure with out a proper design, but *typically* a custom case the same size as the Panzer Fight Stick will run about $250. Please take note of that before purchasing this design fee because it is NOT REFUNDABLE after I start working on the design. If you choose to not immediately go forward with the production of your fight stick, the $100 design fee will be valid until you do go forward with it.

Unfortunately, there are NO DISCOUNTS of any kind on completely custom fight sticks or designs.

Please provide as many details as possible in the design requests, its saves time and email space for both you and I! If I have questions, I will reach out.

Here's how the process works, generally:

1. You purchase the design fee and provide Jasen's Customs the details.
2. Jasen's Customs begins work on the case design and reaches out for more information as its necessary.
3. The final design is completed and shown to you for checking and final approval.
4. The final cost is determined and presented for approval to proceed. If you agree, a separate PayPal invoice is generated to pay the cost of the case less the $100 design fee. This is 100% required before any production begins.
5. The case gets built and takes about 14 business days from final payment.
6. If a build out is required or EZ BUILD is desired this will add up to 14 more business days as there are more steps to design the PCBs required for it to work. I will attempt to re-use any Panzer Fight Stick 3 harnessing to save you money!
7. The case is shipped to you!

Ways to make these more affordable:

1. Do a group buy! If there are enough people that want the same wicked new design, it gets cheaper for everyone. Volume = Lower prices.
2. Get more than one for yourself.
3. Get a small case.
4. Get a Panzer Fight Stick 3 instead :)