ArcadeShock's crew assumes Panzer Fight Stick shipments

Posted by Jasen Hicks on 2/23/2018 to News
ArcadeShock's crew assumes Panzer Fight Stick shipments
It’s no secret that I am moving to Japan (or have moved to Japan). Shipping Panzer Fight Sticks and other awesome fight stick parts, arcade parts, etc. from Japan simply isn’t feasible; while possible, it would be difficult to meet the standard of quality, timelines, and reasonable shipping prices that you have come to expect from since it’s inception in 2012. Fortunately, I have been able to forge a partnership with over the years and their crew has stepped up to help maintain the brand and the Panzer Fight Stick product line specifically while I am living abroad and serving our country in the U.S. Navy. 

Buying a Panzer Fight Stick 3i, Panzer Fight Stick 3 Hitbox, assembly services, etc. will still be done at; this partnership with does not change how you buy a Panzer Fight Stick Kit (or fully assembled build) in any way. 

Domestic (US) Buyers: Due to the volume of shipments, cannot combine an ArcadeShock order with a Panzer Fight Stick order. The good news is, the parts required to build a Panzer (1 lever, 8x 30mm buttons, 6x 24mm buttons, and a ball-top) is only $2.00 short of FREE SHIPPING that offers. Add an extra button, ball top, or other small item to your order and you will qualify for FREE US SHIPPING because it’s over $55. Having a spare button is clutch and snagging free shipping saves money. That’s what I tell my wife at least!

International Buyers: Due to the relatively small amount of international Panzer Fight Stick shipments over the past few years (and expected in the future) will, where possible, combine an ArcadeShock order with a Panzer order. Keep in mind, however, that there is limited space in a Panzer Fight Stick shipping box for additional parts so the parts order you wish to combine should be limited to the parts required for the Panzer only. Here are the steps required to request a combined shipment:

  1. Order your Panzer Fight Stick from
  2. Build a cart of the parts you require for the build at
  3. Take a screen shot of your shopping cart and email it to: with the subject line: INTERNATIONAL PANZER FIGHT STICK COMBINED SHIPPING – AB-XXXX (where AB-XXXX is your order number).
  4. ArcadeShock will create an invoice for the parts you desire and send it to you. PLEASE NOTE: There will be a small handling fee associated as there are packing materials required for these parts beyond standard Panzer packing. has no influence on this additional cost.
  5. You pay the invoice for the parts, will ship the parts with your Panzer Fight Stick Kit when it ships saving you a lot (I hope) of shipping costs associated with two separate orders. 
Any abuse of the procedure above will result in securing this convenient combined shipping method for international orders. All it takes is one, so please be cool.

All support requests, general inquiries, or shipping problems should be directed to directly via the help desk:

Finally… no, and are not merging, buying one another out, etc. This partnership is beneficial to everyone, mostly the community and the Panzer Brigade. Build outs should be quicker as expertise grows with the ArcadeShock crew and having Panzer Fight Stick kits co-located with’s huge inventory means quicker turn around, more build slots open at a time, and other (to be revealed later) perks. I am committed to ensuring the experience remains at the highest standards and I know ArcadeShock can and will surpass them for the next few years. 

Jasen “Gator Admiral” Hicks
Owner / Engineer

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